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Buying A Cheap Printer Can Be Costly

Buying the cheapest printer you can find is not always the best choice. Often you will be spending more on toner cartridge replacements as opposed to the initial purchase price of the printer.

Toner replacements should be included in your office equipment acquisition costs especially when printing in color. A small business can consume a toner cartridge in a matter of weeks if not days if you do not manage your printing properly.

Unless your printing volume is low and you don’t mind paying for the occasional print cartridge then buying a low cost printer for occasional printing will be satisfactory.

HP Commercial Printers - The Ultimate Multifunction Business Printer

You should consider a commercial printer that will meet all of your printing requirements at an affordable printing cost when shopping for office equipment for your business. Your company may print documents occasionally but often requirements and client demands change very quickly. Suddenly the low cost printer that you purchased at the local retail store starts to become a noticeable expense. Costs can easily increase between toner, paper and equipment maintenance and service fees.

HP multifunction (MFP) printers are designed to work the way that you want and be capable of producing quality printing at all times. HP Laserjet printers can also be configured with the additional paper trays. This option can increase your efficiency because it will eliminate the need for constantly refilling the paper trays.

The HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 Color MFP M775z can withstand demanding colour printing requirements while keeping the cost of supplies and maintenance to a minimum. Consider HP when shopping for new office equipment. HP is world renowned for ultimate reliability, efficiency and low cost of operation.



HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 Color MFP M775dn - CC522A#BGJ

The HP Laserjet 700 is a professional quality color printer. This machine includes a wide range of paper sizes designed to tackle any printing jobs for your business. You won’t be disappointed with this heavy-duty enterprise business printer that is built to withstand the most demanding print, copying and scanning workloads.

Your staff deserves this printer’s broad capabilities including robust security, advanced features and enhanced performance. You will be impressed with the printer’s copying capability and image quality output. For professional looking presentations, posters, marketing flyers and documents, the HP color 700 is an investment that can deliver and it will be a hardware purchase that makes sense for your business.

HP Enterprise 700 Printer Features

• Multifunction: Copier/Printer/Scanner
• Print color up to 30ppm
• 20.3 cm large color touchscreen
• Advanced security
• A3 paper size support
• Paper capacity of up to 4,350 sheets
• Preview and edit scanning jobs
• Centrally manage printing policies

Contact Business Printers today at 1-800-988-4857. We offer office equipment solutions at affordable prices and ready to ship from our inventory. Speak with one of our sales specialists about our wide range of HP office equipment solutions at discounted prices. We are ready to answer any questions and our staff will help you choose the right commercial printer for your business.

What is your office or business looking for in an HP Laserjet printer? Do you need to find a machine capable of printing high-volumes? If you are looking for a printer that can handle all your black and white business printing needs, then the Enterprise 700 is likely just what you are looking for. It can print on paper sizes up to A3 and a capacity of 4600 sheets. Beyond the sheer volume and capabilities, this machine will also help you control costs with energy and paper-saving settings.

Control Costs

This HP Laserjet printer comes equipped with energy-saving controls. The auto on/off function ensures that you are only using energy when you need it. Also, you can reduce the amount of paper you use on every project by up to 50% by implementing two-sided printing.

Boost Security

Beyond the cost-savings, this printer uses fleet-level security solutions, ensuring that your printing and imaging data is protected. Through the use of a solid-state disk, the device's firmware manages customer and job data safely and securely. Also, if the equipped solutions are not enough, then you can add additional security, such as badge and card readers.

The Enterprise 700 is an excellent printer for those companies interested in only black and white high-volume printing. Contact Business Printers if you need more assistance.

When performing commercial printing, you cannot work with a residential printer. The volume alone will quickly wear a small printer down. Therefore, if you are in need of a commercial printer that can handle the volume and versatility of your office's printing needs, there is no better HP Laserjet printer than the Professional CP5225DN. This printer offers affordable A3 printing, high-quality output and ease of use for your staff.

A3 Printing

How often have you had to send your A3 printing jobs offsite? Well, no more. This printer allows you to print all of your business documents onsite, including everyday documents, marketing materials and other wide-format projects. You can print up to 12 by 18-inch paper sizes, and all for a cost less than the local print shop.

High-Quality Output

The in-line printer architecture of this HP Laserjet printer allows for the alignment and application of four ink colors in a single pass. Therefore, image resolution and sharpness are crisper than with other commercial printers.

Ease of Use

There is nothing overly complicated with this commercial printer. The control panel and network capabilities make this system easy and accessible for everyone in the office.

The Professional CP5225DN is an approachable and impressive commercial color printer. If you are interested in this printer or any other market models, don't hesitate to contact a Business Printers representative.