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Website Terms of Service

By using this website, you accept all of the specific terms of use that are outlined on this page. We at Business Printers want to make sure your experience on our site is helpful and rewarding. In order to maximize your enjoyment of this site, you must follow the terms of service.

Permissions and Details

Using our website means that you agree to follow the conditions below. Here are the things to think about for permissions and continued access to this website:

  • Compliance – If you sign up for an account, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate and updated information regarding your personal details. It is also your responsibility to choose a confidential password.
  • Using the Website – Users may access, view and display all information from this website for business or personal usage. In no way should any of this website material be copied without authorization.
  • Unauthorized Use – Your access to our site may be terminated if there is reason to suspect any unauthorized use.
  • Disclaimer – Information on this website is deemed to be accurate, but there are times when details may have errors. Any mistakes will be corrected as soon as possible.

For More Details

If you need more details about any of the terms described within this website, please give us a call at (800) 988-4857. You can discuss any of the information that has been listed here with one of our staff members.