About us

Business Printers – Since 2006

Business Printers has been conducting business in the state of New York since 2006. As a part of Mendax Microsystems Inc., we have constantly made it our mission to look for the newest trends in technology and computers to help our wide range of customers. We are a proud authorized reseller of Hewlett Packard products. We specialize in providing the New York area and beyond with the latest tools for printing, photocopying and other business document creation technologies.

Our Top Priorities

Since the beginning days of Business Printers, the most important priorities for our company continue to be our customers and our products. Here are the things that are most important to our success:

  • Customer Satisfaction – We strive to have your customer experience be positive, no matter what kind of transaction or product you’re seeking.
  • Amazing Service – With our staff, you can get the top level of customer service and personalized assistance during your transaction.
  • High Quality Products –  Our focus is on products that we can vouch for when it comes to quality and performance.

Learn More

If you’re looking for custom printer or technology solutions for your home or business, learn more about us today. Call us at (800) 988-4857, and we can develop a solution for your specific problems so that your technology helps instead of hinders.