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Getting the most out of your business means having the right equipment. When you need to print documents for clients and in-house filing, you don't want to force employees to switch between different printers. The HP Color Laserjet line takes care of that problem with the CP5225dn, a color laser printer that has productivity in mind.

Many dual-process printers are great at printing either in black and white or in color, but rarely are they competent in both areas. The experts at Commercial Printers understand that you need tools that work as hard as you do. That's why in-stock printers like the CP5225dn are capable of speedy spooling that creates beautiful and precise prints every time.

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Managing Your Color Printing at The Office & Reducing Printing Costs

One of the greatest challenges for many businesses is to control the misuse and the over use of color printing. In general, printing in color uses more ink. For this reason, the replacement color toner can easily increase costs if printing is not controlled.

Paper, toner and electricity consumption all increase as a result of over printing. Becoming eco-conscious can help us to reduce waste and become aware of the impact from printing unnecessary documents. It is easy to get distracted with so many tasks that have strict deadlines at the office. However, becoming eco-conscious can help us make the right decision when printing documents at the office.

Below are a few ways of saving paper consumption at your office

  • Print on both sides of the paper
  • Recycle any unwanted paper
  • Store your files digitally whenever possible
  • Think twice - do you really need to print your document?
  • Make your edits on the computer prior to printing
  • Eliminate any cover pages
  • Reuse scrap paper when possible
  • Communicate via email rather than printed letters or memos

Purchasing HP office equipment from business printers can reduce the following operating costs

  • Savings on lease costs
  • Equipment consolidation
  • Decrease service costs
  • Eliminate multiple Vendors
  • Decrease the supplies inventory

HP Color Laserjet - High Performance Commercial Printers

There are tremendous benefits when purchasing the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M653X. HP printers have a solid reputation for quality and durability. Rest assured that all of your documents will be sharp and the color copies will always be outstanding and presentable.

Purchase your HP color laser model M653X from business printers today and start enjoying the savings from the ultimate cost efficient commercial HP printer.


When performing commercial printing, you cannot work with a residential printer. The volume alone will quickly wear a small printer down. Therefore, if you are in need of a commercial printer that can handle the volume and versatility of your office's printing needs, there is no better HP Laserjet printer than the Professional CP5225DN. This printer offers affordable A3 printing, high-quality output and ease of use for your staff.

A3 Printing

How often have you had to send your A3 printing jobs offsite? Well, no more. This printer allows you to print all of your business documents onsite, including everyday documents, marketing materials and other wide-format projects. You can print up to 12 by 18-inch paper sizes, and all for a cost less than the local print shop.

High-Quality Output

The in-line printer architecture of this HP Laserjet printer allows for the alignment and application of four ink colors in a single pass. Therefore, image resolution and sharpness are crisper than with other commercial printers.

Ease of Use

There is nothing overly complicated with this commercial printer. The control panel and network capabilities make this system easy and accessible for everyone in the office.

The Professional CP5225DN is an approachable and impressive commercial color printer. If you are interested in this printer or any other market models, don't hesitate to contact a Business Printers representative.